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With our society becoming more entwined with digital technology, the online world has the ability to build new experiences, spark ideas and create innovation

This virtual space leans into that trend by creating three different 3D digital environments to engage with.


Each environment aims to draw the viewer in and introduce a slightly different experience of the online world and hopefully showcase capabilities of modern technology.

Creation of 3D World

Initial Concept 

With society becoming increasingly dependent, expectant and attached to digital technology, the online world has the ability to lead a process of change but also spark negativity.  

During my lifetime there have been huge developments in the way information is communicated. I believe the two-dimensional digital world we know has the potential to take on new forms that will communicate content better.

The‘Experimental Space’ project was a first step in exploring the way 3-dimensional worlds can hold information, imagery and content while using technology in new ways.


The end goal is to interact with the viewer in new ways and to communicate through our largest visual communicator, the internet.

In the contemporary era of digital technology, the ways in which we create have shifted into new mediums. This can be used as a new language of creativity that opens up new ways of working/making.


To create a 3-dimensional space this project made use of JavaScript libraries such as three.js and node.js, as well as image rendering platforms like Blender. The process of creating in alternative mediums opens up many new creative possibilities in this style of visual communication.

Alternative Mediums 

New Formats

Once the fundamentals of the codebase were complete, there was an opportunity to adapt and change how the content could be interacted with and displayed.


In this process of making, the sites design went into two forms, both showing different ways of communicating the imagery. The first made the viewer become an onlooker, viewing content as if in a virtual gallery. The other made the viewer become the content themselves, as they move and interact within the setting.

The outcome of this project was to spark a new line of thought. It opens up a range of new possibilities in visual communication through digital technology. 

Can the predominantly two-dimensional digital world (the present-day internet) offer more three dimensions? The environment, setting and depiction of content has the potential to engage with the viewer in new ways, giving rise to new thinking and change.

What Next?

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