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Digital Designer - digiio

digiio is a creative agency that enables tech brands to articulate and amplify their voice. Within the team I worked as the Lead Digital Designer, supporting each of the different creative solution areas.

My role covered a diverse range of client projects. Our main client was Microsoft UK, adding creative B2B marketing material to their internal and external brand facing view. 

Below shows a selection of projects and outcomes, I designed during the last year.


Digital Designer 


June 2021 – Present 


Graphic / UI Design

B2B Marketing
Market Insights

Tech Focus 


Microsoft UK

Work Overview

My aim was creating and developing brand identity through my role as a digital designer.​ Our aim is to help our client look their finest across all their channels – because, in today’s digital world, digital design is your shop window to the world. 

Each asset is created with care and creativity. Whether I was aligning with an established brand identity, uplifting existing assets with a refresh, or creating beauty on an empty page, the clients needs would be uplifted by the work.

Below shows a section of example outcomes from various project I lead over the course of the last year.


Over the course of my time at digiio, I worked on a variety of different projects. One of the repeating highlights to work on would be the PESTEL infographic project. 

This consisted of a high level summary of 6 different UK sectors (Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal). Microsoft would then send this out to their top investors, clients and companies.

During my time at digiio, I designed 24 sector pillars, covering the FY22 financial year. Each infographic told the story of the developments and insights past and present. It was a challenge at time to understand the market insights, but highly rewarding and developed my understanding of how design can be utilised to tell a narrative.

Below shows some examples from different PESTELs over the year.

Legal Q4.jpg
Environmental Q4.jpg


One of the more consistent design projects I worked on consistently would be working on creating backgrounds, 3D mocks up, roller-banners for the internal staff to use across meetings at Microsoft. 

Below shows a selection of the 85 I design over the last year. 


Illustration was a skill set I was able to lean into with very specific projects. One of which was to create 15 illustrations for the Senior Leadership Team at Microsoft UK. 

Below shows the outcomes I created.

Social Assets

Social Asset was an ongoing outgoing i made during my time at digiio. This would take the form of designing and creating a brand identity for different internal groups like TechHer or ERGs in Microsoft. 

This would then be posted on Microsoft LinkedIn, Instagram, and Website. 

Socail Asset DA 2.jpg
Social Asset V1.1 PURPLE_.jpg
Socail Asset 1080x1080 4.jpg

Slide Decks 

Below shows a selection of screenshots taken from the finalised version of the site. To see the site fully please go to -

Slide Decks 

Below shows a selection of Slide Decks and MS Power Points I created focusing on different internal developing projects at Microsoft. Each needing a very different design style and structure


One of the more recent projects that came about was creating physical merchandise for internal employee events at Microsoft. 

This has taken the form of creating merchandise for bucket hats, to tote-bags, to whole recipe books!