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Ideas Development 

Here you will find sections of documentation, progression and concepts around my work. My sketchbooks, small studies/sketches and concepts development have become a key part of how I work. I begin, develop and grow ideas from within this area of my practice. I am currently using both Oil Pastel, Digital Drawing Software and Video to develop my ideas and see my concepts from various different angles.


Below are a selection examples of The beginning of an Idea, Choice of Medium, and New Developments and Ideas in my current practice. 

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The beginning of an idea. 

Untitled_Artwork 6.jpg
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The beginning of an idea. 

An idea begins in imagined sketches / ideas, this is then developed in different variations and mediums. The series Blue Towers follows the idea of the visual effect and impact of immersive environments, made through both physical and digital means.  The work changes on dependance with its relationship to the core idea and whether it shows the virtual environment correctly. 

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The beginning of an idea. 

Untitled_Artwork 5.jpg
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The beginning of an idea. 

Sketch's, either in oil pastel or digitally are the foundations of the idea behind work. The sketches may also be added to from inspiration when interacting with moving image/virtual environments.  Virtually Immersed  is a recent series following the ideas of three-dimensional movement that changes from different angles. The challenging the two-dimensional outcomes was capturing an essence of this.

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The beginning of an idea. 

Untitled_Artwork 7.jpg
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The beginning of an idea. 

Once I have built up an ideas basis, I will go into the sketching. The drawing, either in oil pastel or digitally are the foundation of a work. For example, in the series Stepping Squares the ideas centred around imagined and dream-like setting where the viewer could enter into. This then translated into the virtual environment and attached sound file.

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Choice of Medium 

The thoughts and ideas that lead up to a work will often develop through various materials before I actually make the 'finished' piece. Ultimately, this gives me a better understanding of the type of marks I want to include in a work. I will often start by making broken down sketches of colour, figure and areas of light. The development of a work of art often goes unseen, so hopefully this will give some idea of the progression of a work.

Untitled_Artwork 8.jpg

I often start with Oil Pastel, the immediacy you get through the medium gives really interesting marks which help define areas of the image.


Making works digital is an interesting new area for my practice. It was hard at first to get use to the different in materiality, but the ease in which this form of working gives my practice is something I am really benefiting from currently.


A work is never really 'finished', it's more it has been put on hold. This work was done working from my digital sketches, oil pastel drawings, relevant research and imagination. A work is always a combination of many different aspects of my practice, all coming together to continue my research into colour, light and form and immersive environments. 


New Developments & Ideas 

Does moving image create


develop the narrative?

The effects of ink & acrylic combined on canvas. The ink seems to create blocks of colour which created depth and structure in the image. The acrylic then adds a layer of texture. and lighter tones.

The interesting effect of simple broken-down forms 


combined with


different hues of one colour.

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