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Oil Pastel

Updated: Sep 7, 2020

The Great Oil Pastel - I have been working with pastels for a number of years now and still they are a steady favourite of mine.

I think what it is about pastels is the immediate, bold, colours you get combined with the ease in how the mix together. This makes creating monochromatic images or any image with pastels that is, very satisfying. Over the years I've even found the oil pastel studies done previous

to a painting, to come out better.

An artist who uses oil pastels extremely well is Isabella Cortier ( I have often reflected on her work as her use of figure, simplicity and colour is very notable.

Moreover, within my own work now i am building up my pastel studies to no longer be 'studies', but rather piece of art is themselves. As seen with Cortier, oil pastel is a medium with auities as good as paint.

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