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My Research

The research surrounding my concepts, has been integral to my gradual growth in understanding and confidence in my practice this year. I started by broadly exploring my ideas through the context of colour, light and form. This led to me reading Theory of Colours by Johann Wolfgang Goethe, Interaction of Colour by Josef Albers and more recently Caspar David Friedrich and the Subject of Landscape by Joseph Koerner, which informed and sup- ported my foundational concepts.


As my outcomes moved forward and began to naturally shape around these colour-filled immersive environments (which intwined with virtual mediums), I explored genres such as New Media Art and Abstraction. These genres in particular presented the idea of artworks searching for new standards in art forms and how to make use of this newly discovered language of virtual mediums, which drew me in and challenge my understanding of the works potential.


Furthermore, these made me draw inspiration from contemporary artists such as Zaiba Jabbar, Zach Lieberman and Olafur Eliasson, who each create immersive virtual and physical experience for the viewer in become entwined with.

Colour Theory

Theory of Colours by Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe has been a starting point and area of inspiration and ideas for my works. Particularly in how Goethe talks through concepts around how the human mind perceives colour, the effect of shadows, refraction, and chromatic aberration.


The in depth his studies and experiments has made me experiment with new ways of using colour.

"These phenomena are of the greatest importance, since they direct our attention to the laws of vision, and are a necessary preparation for future observations on colours. They show that the eye especially demands completeness, and seeks to eke out the colourific circle in itself."  -Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

When I create a work, I will often use particular colour palette. Within that colour i then, build up sections of depth through the application of tone, brightness and hue.  There isn't a specific reason for why I chose to do this, more I enjoy the unity and mood in which a colour palette can give an image.

Interaction of Colour

Interaction of Colour has been the other key reading behind my concepts around colour. Josef Albers book displays the relationship between colours and how they change and alter depending on the circumstances. Interaction of Colour has not only built a deeper knowledge of how to use colour in my work but also made me look towards how to experiment with it. Subsequently, making the work aim to be more thought-provoking and informed.

“Color is perhaps the most subtle and beguiling phenomena interpreted by our senses. Its variations can be profound or invisible—depending on our own biology, or on the culture in which our experience of color has been shaped. We use it both to describe our psychological state and to influence it. We cannot escape it, and yet we often are unaware of how the colors we experience play against, and interact with, one another. - Josef Albers

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